Parkour Video Game – 3RUN Santorini, Greece

With Parkour still very much growing, 3RUN really have stepped up production value in their latest project. Free Running, moving and flowing through the rooftops of Santorini, Greece, in this Playstation Game style video. Santorini has been home of the RedBull Art of Motion Free Running Event for the last few years and has become extremely popular to the locals, who look forward to watching the worlds best athletes, throw down their moves to be crowned champion.

3RUN Parkour Video Game - Playstation

Chase Armitage, Scott Young and Chris Lodge set off to Greece for a weeks filming of the this incredible video. Scouting the best locations throughout Santorini, for the ultimate free running sequences. Although these guys make it look easy, the training and shooting schedule was still very demanding to ensure the project panned out exactly how the 3RUN Team visioned it. Watching through this production, you straight away notice the complex style of rooftops Santorini has, with different shaped buildings all flowing down the side of a mountain, surrounded by the ocean. Its no wonder that RedBull chose this location to feature the Art of Motion Event.

With many more video productions like this in the pipeline for 3RUN, its sure to set the bench mark for epic free running and parkour videos of 2014. Please stay connected to my personal social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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