3RUN Parkour vs Jamaica’s Yohan Blake (Free Running Short Film)

3RUN set off to film one of their most epic Free Running productions to date with this latest short film for Thomson Cruises “Dream Runners”
Featuring Usain Bolt’s good friend, and the worlds second fasted man Yohan blake. Produced by 3RUN Media ltd for Thomson Cruises

This short film Production really does show what 3RUN are capable of. Providing epic action for the viewers at home, in the way every shot is made, and how each athlete executes their movements. With jaw dropping stunts, Free Running across Jamaica, the guys really did step up the production value to create one of the most epic short films ever for Thomson Cruises. Thomson not only have become our client, but some great friends, who really know how we all tick. The get what drives the 3RUN Team to succeed not only in the Free Running world, but the Media Production industry as well.

Stay connected with my social pages for the latest projects. We have some more great productions to share with your all when we get the go ahead.

Mike Wilson

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/MikeWilson3run
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/Wilsonrunnin
INSTAGRAM – http://instagram.com/mikewilson3run

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