ASSASSINS CREED – Live Action Parkour Film

3RUN have once again delivered in the Media Production world. This time with the famous Ubisoft Video Game – Assassins Creed. After months of preparation and chasing some good weather, the production team finally had some good weather conditions to shoot everything they planned for the epic short film. Featuring all the classic wrist blades, epic action and simply beautifully shot sequences. Assassins Creed has always bee a favorite in the eyes of Parkour Athletes, as the movement is very much the same.

Assassins Creed By 3RUN Media Ltd

This film is left with the possibility of producing a sequel. But that’s for the public and Assassins Creed Fans to decide. We already cant wait to shoot the sequel, as this particular project was producing what 3RUN are very passionate about – Film Making and Parkour / Free Running Action. You can keep an eye on what the Production team are up to by following all their social media platforms:-

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We have many other projects in the pipeline which are currently being written up, including 3RUN’s very own version of The Matrix and Spiderman.
“Desmond has been captured by the Templar’s and interrogated on the where a bouts of the Apple of Eden. When they realize that he won’t talk they decide to force him into the animus to try and find answers.
The Legendary Assassin Altiar has tracked down some templars to a once big and mighty castle in the heart of England that has all but been left to ruin. When it becomes clear that the Templars are guarding something very valuable, Altiar has no option but to retrieve the artifact no matter the cost.”
Created: Cane Armitage
DOP: Chase Armitage
Edited: Cane Armitage
Cole Armitage
Scott Young
Sam Parham
Shaun Andrews
Michael Wilson
James Stokes
Chris Lodge
Mat Armitage
Paul Jones
Fabio Santos
Aerial Cinematography: HELIPOV

If you would like to get in contact with the Production Team, please email Mike at

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