Parkour & Free Running Athlete, Choreographer and Urban Movement Specialist – Michael Wilson

Free Running is a creative form of movement using only the body. Expressing myself using only the surrounding environment with minimal limitations. Using my acrobatic skills and Parkour knowledge to move around any obstacles in my path, and flowing freely across the landscape.

Bookings / Business Enquiries – mikewilson3run@gmail.com

Over the last Ten plus years, I have combined my skills as a Gymnast and Parkour athlete to perform in many variations of media. My professional career has taken me on many journeys around the world, gaining well over 10 years of experience both in front of the camera and behind, showcasing my skills in Television, Film and Live Shows. I have worked alongside many casting directors, producers and directors and stunt coordinators to ensure their project has exceeded all expectations. Some examples of work include roles in Warner Brothers – Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Disney’s – Pirates of the Caribbean, Thomson Cruises Commercial and Catfish and the Bottlemen music video, just to name a few.

Free running has become a very large part of my life. When I’m not working, I find myself creating video content for YouTube using my acrobatic skills and knowledge of Video Production and Visual Effects. In addition, I am a very passionate fund-raiser for a local hospice called Naomi House, using the figure SpiderDad as unique way to entertain children and young adults fighting big battles in their lives.

Full details of my fundraising cane be found on my other website – www.spiderdad.co.uk.

SpiderDadFilm Facebook HFJ Page

If your requirement is in need of hiring a Parkour and Free Running Athlete, passionate about creating high quality content for your TV, Film or Commercial Project, please do contact me via email.

I look forward to my next project!

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