Free Runner - Mike WilsonMichael is a well known freerunning athlete from the World Famous Action Team – 3RUN, with world wide performances for various clients, developing good relationships with all contacts to ensure we are the only team to call for further projects in the future. If your requirement consists of more than 1 athlete, Michael can provide a team of up to 15 athletes. All with professional abilities and experience in the fields of performing for clients however large or small.

With a passion to perform, Michael shows a hard working attitude to ensure each project is completed perfectly. More videos can be viewed on his Youtube Channel

For the past 16 years, Gymnastics and Parkour / Free Running have been such an important part of his life. Beginning at the age of 11 in Men’s Gymnastics, Michael quickly became one of the top Gymnasts in the club, representing his country at the age of 16. Many National Squad Training sessions took place, which involved all of the top Gymnasts from across the UK, to meet up and train with some of the best coaches in the world. Up to the age of 19, Michael competed in many National Competitions finishing in the top 6 in Britain, and successfully achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in many of the 6 disciplines. In addition to the National Competitions, he also travelled Europe, competing against some of the best. A particular highlight was taking the Gold Medal in an International Club Competition in Belgium, Dinant.

Spiderman pose, Mike WilsonBy the age of 23, Michael began to take his skills outside on the streets. This was when Parkour or Free Running came to his attention. Adapting his gymnastic skills to move freely across, over and under obstacles. It was at this point which Michael made his decision to become a Free Runner and Urban Acrobatics. Although training outside, he continued to practise inside the Gymnastic Club, as this was an excellent training facility to ensure that any moves attempted outside, was perfected in a safe environment first.

Michael believes in one thing, ”NO Sacrifice, NO Victory”. There are very few people in this world that could say they have never sacrificed something to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, and we all should have the most respect for them. However, Michael sacrifices the time with his family to work and train in the one passion in his life – Parkour. He has now taken his skills to a Professional level, to the media business, performing Parkour, Free Running, Gymnastics, and Urban Street Stunts for clients. Currently training for the UK Stunt Register and planning to complete it in the next year or so. During this time, Michael has successfully played roles in various productions, which includes playing a ”Snatcher” in the new film Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, in Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides – As part of the Special Action Stunts crew, he played a Palace King Guard, as well as Live shows including World Movie Premieres – Prince of Persia Sands of Time with fellow team members from 3Run Media Ltd.

back flip, spiderdadAlong with many of the team, Michael is a Guinness World Record Holder in Parkour and Freerunning. Further details of the records will be available in the 2 page special edition of the 2011 Guinness World Record book, which is out September 2011.

As a Free Runner, the passion is to perform flowing movement, to show the world what Michael is capable of. With every new project Michael is presented with, performing it with professionalism, and the creativity to ensure its completed perfectly to the clients requirements. For details of what Michael and his team can provide, please contact Michael directly. Please visit the Contact Page.