GO PRO: Parkour POV – 3RUN Rooftop Missions

Me and Chris Lodge decided to scout some locations for rooftop missions which havent been seen before. Nothing is more exciting than to come across new routes to climb and wander, especially if your “not allowed to be up there”. I must stress at the point that we are professionals and should not be replicated by anyone without the knowledge and experience that we have. Our mindset was simple. To continue climbing and find new areas to walk across the rooftops of Basingstoke without the option of simply turning back because it was too difficult. That wasn’t going to happen. On a number of occasions we were seen by passers by shouting “look at those guys”. Scurrying across rooftops is definitely a passion as its the time when im most free. Its exciting to know that what were doing is dangerous, and extreme in some cases, but its that feeling of going to the point of the unknown. We never new how we were going to get down. We simply had to work it out using our Parkour skills and common sense. Anyway heres the video below.

Go Pro Parkour POV Missions

3RUN Parkour vs Jamaica’s Yohan Blake (Free Running Short Film)

3RUN set off to film one of their most epic Free Running productions to date with this latest short film for Thomson Cruises “Dream Runners”
Featuring Usain Bolt’s good friend, and the worlds second fasted man Yohan blake. Produced by 3RUN Media ltd for Thomson Cruises

This short film Production really does show what 3RUN are capable of. Providing epic action for the viewers at home, in the way every shot is made, and how each athlete executes their movements. With jaw dropping stunts, Free Running across Jamaica, the guys really did step up the production value to create one of the most epic short films ever for Thomson Cruises. Thomson not only have become our client, but some great friends, who really know how we all tick. The get what drives the 3RUN Team to succeed not only in the Free Running world, but the Media Production industry as well.

Stay connected with my social pages for the latest projects. We have some more great productions to share with your all when we get the go ahead.

Mike Wilson

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Free Running Launch for Audi A3 Quattro – India Auto Expo

Mike Wilson and the 3RUN Team travelled to Dehli, India to help launch the brand new Audi A3 Quattro Sedan Sport in true 3RUN style. With 2 mins of pure Free Running Action, showcasing all the cars on stage building up to the big reveal of the new Audi A3.

Free Runner Mike Wilson at Audi Auto Expo in India

We arrived at our pimped out hotel on Tuesday Morning, not expecting it to be a Crown Plaza, with all the Top Hotel trimmings. Audi really did make us feel welcome during our time here, catering for our every need to ensure the performance and reveal went smoothly and to plan, working along side the Production Team to get the job done how the client visioned it. Rehearsals began Tuesday and finished Wednesday Morning ready for showtime at 5:30pm that evening. So naturally we all used the 5-6 hours of free time, to our advantage. By heading up to the rooftop for some training and to get some crazy pics.

Professional Free Runner and Parkour Athlete - Mike Wilson of 3RUN

The rooftop was almost the perfect training spot. Everywhere you went you either had to jump or climb so naturally we filmed some cool Free Running sequences as a team for our video were currently editing for the 3RUNTUBE. All shall be revealed in the coming weeks when its online.

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Keep training hard,
Mike Wilson 3run


‘Survive To Freerun’ Filming at Basingstoke 3RUN Academy

Editing is still going strong for Michael latest project Survive To Freerun, which was inspired by his son. Check out the latest post on Mike’s Facebook and keep updated with regular content. Shooting continues tonight this evening at the Basingstoke 3RUN Freerunning Academy.

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Survive To Freerun featuring Parkour, Freerunning and Creative Movement


Urban free climbers are a new breed of daredevils, young men and women who illegally climb cranes and buildings without any safety equipment, then hang from them, hundreds of metres above the ground, one slip from certain death…

James Kingstoke, Dont Look Down

Free climbing originated in Eastern Europe, but has recently spread to Britain.

3RUN Ambassador – James Kingston is a 23-year-old who lives with his mother near Southampton. In his spare time James scales the local 100m cranes and 200m radio towers.

Now James embarks on a journey to the spiritual home of urban free climbing, Ukraine, where he teams up with the infamous Mustang Wanted, the craziest climber of them all.

As Mustang and James explore Kiev, the pair push themselves to new extremes, climbing derelict buildings and tightrope-walking hundreds of metres above the city, before finally heading to the iconic Moscow bridge to attempt Mustang’s latest death defying stunt.

Don’t Look Down is fascinating, revealing and nerve-wracking.


This documentary follows James Kingston, an urban free climber who scales 100m cranes, 200m radio towers, tall buildings and bridges… without using any safety equipment at all.

Don't Look Down

Check out the hour long documentary here – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dont-look-down/4od

With out a doubt James Kingston is a Professional Athlete and these stunts should NOT be replicated by anyone.

Creative Photoshoot – Mike Wilson of 3RUN Media Ltd

From the world famous Professional Free Running Media Team, Michael freshened up some of the photos currently in his portfolio by getting creative. So Mike met up with Paul Jones to get those creative shots including some free running elements to the pictures. Dont forget to follow Michael by hitting the Like & Follow buttons on his Social Networks Below:-

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Mike Wilson Professional Free Runner and Movement Specialist

Mike Wilson Professional Freerunner Reflection Photography

3RUN 720 Volts in Production

Good times right now for the team as the official pictures of the new 3run 720 Volt Free Running Trainers are released.

The trainer itself has been massively improved in every way from the sole to the weight. The grip was obviously another key area we focused on as we needed a trainer that coped with a number of different surfaces. The sole is also vitally important when designing a Freerunning Trainer as the right cushioning to reduce impact on the joints prevents the injury of the Athlete. We’re very excited to have these amazing training shoes available soon to buy from the 3run Shop – http://www.3run.co.uk/shop

We’ve taken all the comments and thoughts from all our followers over the last few years about the 360 volts, and worked our magic in developing the best trainer possible for Freerunning. There going to be a couple of colour options as well including the one in the pic below.

3RUn 720 Volt Freerunning Trainers
3RUn 720 Volt Freerunning Trainers

The official release date of the shoes will be in the next 2 months as they are currently in production. You can expect a few more pictures being uploaded to the 3run Facebook over the coming weeks.

Let us know you thoughts on how they look.

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3RUN set out to make a video containing only but the best Freerunning and Parkour clips, featuring only their team members and world class ambassadors. This video contains some pretty crazy footage and amazing talent. The question is, how far will these guys push it? Check it out!

Mike Wilson

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SkyFest 2013

Mike and the 3RUN Team head to the Sky Broadcasting grounds to perform on top of Europe’s Largest BigTop tent. The guys had such an amazing time jumping and flipping on the tent itself. The guests thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the our client, Sky wasn’t expecting such jaw dropping stunts off a tent. Ultimately they were impressed as to we’re the audience.

During our time were also had the pleasure of meeting Got To Dance 2013 Winner Lukas McFarlane. Such a humble, nice guy with such creative talent. Lukas showed his support by wearing our new 3RUN Bands in his performance in front of 5000 people.

SkyFest Live Event - Lucas MacFarlane
SkyFest Live Event – Lucas MacFarlane


Mike Wilson

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3RUN Attend – JUMP 4TLOM 2013 Rotterdam

3RUN Athletes Mike Wilson, Chase Armitage, Sam Parham and Matt Armitage touched down in Rotterdam for the 2013 Jump Event featuring all the top athlete from around the world, including Jason Paul from Team Farang, Pip Andersen from Storm, the talented Storror Parkour guys, Bart Van Der Linden and many more. The event went incredibly well, and the whole team had such a laugh along the way.

As this was the 1st gathering Mike and the team had been to for many years, we didn’t know what to expect. The training facility we stayed in was home to an amazing Indoor Parkour and Free Running facility, with everything you needed to train. Being able to train with the top athletes from around the world, allowed myself and the 3RUN team to expand our own abilities and learn new exciting styles of movement. The talent was definitely at its best with everyone pushing themselves to the max, and this positive vibe simply bounced of everyone.

We can wait to be involved with many more events around the world, continuing with the Launch of the 3RUN Evolution Academy, opening on 23rd June 11:30am. Details can be found on the Academy website – http://ww.3run.co.uk/academy

Heres the video of the 4 The Love Of Movement Event

Mike Wilson

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