The 3RUN LandRover Tour is well under way with Adam, Sam, James & Scott providing 5 free running performances per day on a purpose built off road setup, which LandRover created. With the first destination of the tour in Italy, the guys left the UK with the luxury of driving one of LandRovers top of the range 4x4s, making the experience that much more of a road trip. As you would expect, the cameras came out to start shooting a video of the experience. Be sure to watch out for it over the coming weeks on the 3runTube.

LandRover Urband Adventure Tour Featuring 3RUN

Mike Wilson


Adventure in Thailand

Thailand has always been a part of the world I’ve always wanted to explore, especially scouting different parts of Bangkok for Parkour & Free Running training spots. I’ve finally been given the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country to film an action video featuring what the 3RUN guys do best.

Day 1:-
With Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge, we all took to the streets to scout the best locations and filming spots, to really showcase our full potential in the filming and free running industry. We all got to find some amazing places with so much potential, and as normal began to snowball loads of ideas with different movements and tricks as well as next level filming shots.

We finished the day off, by getting a traditional Thai Massage to set our bodies up for the busy day of Free Running and Filming ahead of us.

Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes -
Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes –