3RUN Attend – JUMP 4TLOM 2013 Rotterdam

3RUN Athletes Mike Wilson, Chase Armitage, Sam Parham and Matt Armitage touched down in Rotterdam for the 2013 Jump Event featuring all the top athlete from around the world, including Jason Paul from Team Farang, Pip Andersen from Storm, the talented Storror Parkour guys, Bart Van Der Linden and many more. The event went incredibly well, and the whole team had such a laugh along the way.

As this was the 1st gathering Mike and the team had been to for many years, we didn’t know what to expect. The training facility we stayed in was home to an amazing Indoor Parkour and Free Running facility, with everything you needed to train. Being able to train with the top athletes from around the world, allowed myself and the 3RUN team to expand our own abilities and learn new exciting styles of movement. The talent was definitely at its best with everyone pushing themselves to the max, and this positive vibe simply bounced of everyone.

We can wait to be involved with many more events around the world, continuing with the Launch of the 3RUN Evolution Academy, opening on 23rd June 11:30am. Details can be found on the Academy website – http://ww.3run.co.uk/academy

Heres the video of the 4 The Love Of Movement Event

Mike Wilson

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Parkour Temples in Cambodia

Today was an exciting day for Me, Chase Armitage, Chris Lodge and Adam Brashaw as we headed to see the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were excited for a few reasons really, one if which was to get some amazing pictures for each of our 3run profiles, as the temples offered such incredible scenery. We also decided to wear these perfect baggy Aladdin styled trousers and modified our new 3run Tees to fit the temple look.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson 3RUN
Professional Freerunner – Mike Wilson 3RUN


We went back to Beng Maleah Temple for a 2nd day to shoot some epic Parkour and Free Running scenes, and because it was the final day in Cambodia, we trained and went harder than ever, to get those perfect cinematic shots for the video. Cambodia has truly been an amazing journey. Missioning a 2 hour trip on a Tuk Tuk each way to the Beautiful Temple. Experiencing such beautiful landscapes and inspiring scenery on our journey, with locals going about their daily lives, children playing and simply having fun with what they do. Just a simple wave from me to them brought such a big smile to there faces, which really made me appreciate my lifestyle so much more, and to feel humbled with all that I have.