Bangkok Dangerous – 3RUN Production

3RUN is proud to present the first episode of a 5 part series – Bangkok Dangerous. Filmed, Produced and Edited all by 3RUN Media Ltd, the guys – Chase Armitage, Mike Wilson, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge scouted every corner of Bangkok for locations to shoot the short film, and it was no easy task. But we did find some amazing spots which have featured in the final edit. Check out the video here….


Mike Wilson




We are pleased to announce (finally) the launch of the new Thomson Cruises Commercial – ‘Dream Escape’.
3RUN Media was approached by Thomson Cruises with the brief to put together an action packed ‘Mission Impossible’ commercial to preview the new Cruise Liner – The Thomson Dream.

We put together a number of story board options for the initial presentation, but it was clear everyone loved the beautiful simplicity of the cheeky FreeRunners who by-pass security in a desperate bid to be the first to see the new ship in all it’s glory.

Production Team, Athletes & Editors for Thomson Dream Cruise Commercial - 3RUN Media Ltd
The Production Team for Thomson Dream Commercial – 3RUN Media Ltd

From there it was a case of casting the Free Runners and Security guards, which of course came down to a simple selection from our World Class FreeRunning Troupe 3RUN. The beauty of such an in house production is the synergies of a great working pattern between what happens infront of camera, AND behind. We pride ourselves on our ability to shoot action like no other production company and that really shines through in this beautiful piece.

We had our Heli POV camera’s at full disposal, crane jibs and glide cams to capture the action exactly as we envisioned.

The final edit came together and as ever, the only problem was selecting which shots couldn’t make the final cut. Click here to see the premiere of the new commercial:


Mike Wilson


3RUN’s EPIC Fusion League Action

Mike and the 3RUN Team brought all their Film Production experience, and general knowledge of Cinematography, making the latest 4th Fusion League episode, one of the best yet. With some amazingly choreographed Freerunning sequences in several locations, including massive roof gaps, double front flips, and some standard epic moves from our close personal friend and Red Bull Athlete – Ryan Doyle.

As always we wanted to make the shots look totally epic, so we also brought down 3RUN’s Aerial Cinematographers – HeliPOV who provided the epic shots we needed with their latest piece of kit. With new upgrades, including a super smooth gimbal and capable of holding a Red Epic Professional Camera, we was naturally excited about how these shots would turn out. As always they delivered.

Professional Parkour & Freerunning Athlete - Mike Wilson
Filming Professional Freerunner Mike Wilson with HeliPOV

We filmed some amazing talent today and can’t wait to show the 3RUN Family and the World. It’s definitely the most exciting, action packed episode yet.

Big thanks and please do share the post to increase the hype for this amazing 4th Episode.

Mike Wilson


3RUN’s Fusion League Episode 4 Starts Filming…

Filming begins today for the 4th part of Fusion League. An online TV Series Produced by 3RUN Media Ltd, for the Flow Network. The series will showcase an array of movements from Martial Arts to Freerunning including Body Popping from Crazy Popper of Sky 1 HD’s Got To Dance. The key focus is predominantly Parkour and Freerunning movements with a story to grip the audience and for them to really get to know each character in the short films.

3RUN Production - Fusion League
3RUN Production – Fight scene in Fusion League

Cage is the Leader of the Fusion League. After his previous League was destroyed in an ambush by the Movement Order, Cage and his partner – Tidus, begin their journey to rebuild the League with an even stronger team. Each new member is given a particular piece of clothing, which holds the Fusion Power. Episode 4 showcases the Gravity Gods which will show some incredible Freerunning skills by the guys.


3RUN Production Team on Fusion League
3RUN Begin filming for Fusion League Episode 4
3RUN Production Team - Fusion League
Movement order scene – Fusion League


Filming started with the Movement Order scene featuring Cane Armitage, Mike Wilson and “Irshia” who is played by Michael Worwood of the Got To Dance Semi-Finalists – Methods Of Movement. The Production Team had such jokes filming as they always do, making the series so much fun to make. All the action will be filmed tomorrow where we expect all the Freerunners to pull out some epic moves and sequences.

Mike Wilson


3RUN – Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous was a short film 3RUN Media Ltd Produced and Filmed in early April as part of a series of an Online TV Show styled theme for the ever growing Channel – LOUD. 3RUN Filmed, Produced, Directed and Edited both the Short Film and the Behind The Scenes, with both showcasing some amazing Freerunning and Parkour skills.

The Bangkok Dangerous Video and all the 5 Part Series including 5 Behind the Scenes episodes, begin airing later this month. The 1st episode is set to kick things off in true 3RUN style, as it really sees the team go back to their roots from the earlier days, with epic moves, and raw creative movements. Watch Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw, Mike Wilson and Chris Lodge take their skills to a whole new level, using all their knowledge of Cinematography, and Awesome Moves. We’ve set the bar with this one, and the Temple Video is looking amazing too. Stay tuned with updates on the release Here or on the 3RUN Facebook Page

Professional Freerunner Mike Wilson - 3RUN Bangkok
Mike filming in Bangkok & Cambodia for the 2nd Episode 3RUN Media are Producing


Mike Wilson

N-Power Energy Giant Goes Parkour

Mike travelled up to Leeds along with 3RUN Athlete Sam Parham, to help shoot, choreograph and perform some high impact Free Running sequences for Energy Giant….N-Power.

Mike stunt doubled one of the General Managers, who will be giving a presentation at N-Powers Annual Event at the Doncaster Racecourse Grounds later this week.

The concept of the Corporate Film shows one of the General Managers receiving a phone call stating that he is in fact very late for the presentation, and has to Freerun his way through Leeds and Doncaster to the venue at the Racecourse.

The Short Film will be played Live to the thousands of employees, with the end shot being, the General Manager entering the stage to give his presentation.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson of 3RUN - Corporate Video For NPower
Professional Freerunner – Mike Wilson of 3RUN – Corporate Video For NPower

Parkour Temples in Cambodia

Today was an exciting day for Me, Chase Armitage, Chris Lodge and Adam Brashaw as we headed to see the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were excited for a few reasons really, one if which was to get some amazing pictures for each of our 3run profiles, as the temples offered such incredible scenery. We also decided to wear these perfect baggy Aladdin styled trousers and modified our new 3run Tees to fit the temple look.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson 3RUN
Professional Freerunner – Mike Wilson 3RUN


We went back to Beng Maleah Temple for a 2nd day to shoot some epic Parkour and Free Running scenes, and because it was the final day in Cambodia, we trained and went harder than ever, to get those perfect cinematic shots for the video. Cambodia has truly been an amazing journey. Missioning a 2 hour trip on a Tuk Tuk each way to the Beautiful Temple. Experiencing such beautiful landscapes and inspiring scenery on our journey, with locals going about their daily lives, children playing and simply having fun with what they do. Just a simple wave from me to them brought such a big smile to there faces, which really made me appreciate my lifestyle so much more, and to feel humbled with all that I have.

New Website & Video!

Here’s Mike’s brand new Blog Website featuring everything he’s doing in the world of Free Running.

Michael Wilson is a Professional Free Runner and Parkour performer. Since the age of 11, Michael has used these skills to develop a natural way of urban movement, directing and producing many Parkour / Freerunning and Action Sequences to share with the world. Working with many well known Film Directors, Producers, Stunt Co-ordinators, Event Directors on projects such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribbean, Prince of Persia Sands of Time World Live Premiers as well as performing live in front of an audience.

Whether its Mike training in the weights gym at fitness first, outside with the 3RUN Team, or generally posting some knowledge on what Mike get’s up to week by week. Check here to get involved with the conversations, message me or share some of your knowledge on Parkour / Free Running, including new training areas across the UK, or new creative moves you’ve learnt.

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