ASSASSINS CREED – Live Action Parkour Film

3RUN have once again delivered in the Media Production world. This time with the famous Ubisoft Video Game – Assassins Creed. After months of preparation and chasing some good weather, the production team finally had some good weather conditions to shoot everything they planned for the epic short film. Featuring all the classic wrist blades, epic action and simply beautifully shot sequences. Assassins Creed has always bee a favorite in the eyes of Parkour Athletes, as the movement is very much the same.

Assassins Creed By 3RUN Media Ltd

This film is left with the possibility of producing a sequel. But that’s for the public and Assassins Creed Fans to decide. We already cant wait to shoot the sequel, as this particular project was producing what 3RUN are very passionate about – Film Making and Parkour / Free Running Action. You can keep an eye on what the Production team are up to by following all their social media platforms:-

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We have many other projects in the pipeline which are currently being written up, including 3RUN’s very own version of The Matrix and Spiderman.
“Desmond has been captured by the Templar’s and interrogated on the where a bouts of the Apple of Eden. When they realize that he won’t talk they decide to force him into the animus to try and find answers.
The Legendary Assassin Altiar has tracked down some templars to a once big and mighty castle in the heart of England that has all but been left to ruin. When it becomes clear that the Templars are guarding something very valuable, Altiar has no option but to retrieve the artifact no matter the cost.”
Created: Cane Armitage
DOP: Chase Armitage
Edited: Cane Armitage
Cole Armitage
Scott Young
Sam Parham
Shaun Andrews
Michael Wilson
James Stokes
Chris Lodge
Mat Armitage
Paul Jones
Fabio Santos
Aerial Cinematography: HELIPOV

If you would like to get in contact with the Production Team, please email Mike at

Parkour Video Game – 3RUN Santorini, Greece

With Parkour still very much growing, 3RUN really have stepped up production value in their latest project. Free Running, moving and flowing through the rooftops of Santorini, Greece, in this Playstation Game style video. Santorini has been home of the RedBull Art of Motion Free Running Event for the last few years and has become extremely popular to the locals, who look forward to watching the worlds best athletes, throw down their moves to be crowned champion.

3RUN Parkour Video Game - Playstation

Chase Armitage, Scott Young and Chris Lodge set off to Greece for a weeks filming of the this incredible video. Scouting the best locations throughout Santorini, for the ultimate free running sequences. Although these guys make it look easy, the training and shooting schedule was still very demanding to ensure the project panned out exactly how the 3RUN Team visioned it. Watching through this production, you straight away notice the complex style of rooftops Santorini has, with different shaped buildings all flowing down the side of a mountain, surrounded by the ocean. Its no wonder that RedBull chose this location to feature the Art of Motion Event.

With many more video productions like this in the pipeline for 3RUN, its sure to set the bench mark for epic free running and parkour videos of 2014. Please stay connected to my personal social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Free Running Launch for Audi A3 Quattro – India Auto Expo

Mike Wilson and the 3RUN Team travelled to Dehli, India to help launch the brand new Audi A3 Quattro Sedan Sport in true 3RUN style. With 2 mins of pure Free Running Action, showcasing all the cars on stage building up to the big reveal of the new Audi A3.

Free Runner Mike Wilson at Audi Auto Expo in India

We arrived at our pimped out hotel on Tuesday Morning, not expecting it to be a Crown Plaza, with all the Top Hotel trimmings. Audi really did make us feel welcome during our time here, catering for our every need to ensure the performance and reveal went smoothly and to plan, working along side the Production Team to get the job done how the client visioned it. Rehearsals began Tuesday and finished Wednesday Morning ready for showtime at 5:30pm that evening. So naturally we all used the 5-6 hours of free time, to our advantage. By heading up to the rooftop for some training and to get some crazy pics.

Professional Free Runner and Parkour Athlete - Mike Wilson of 3RUN

The rooftop was almost the perfect training spot. Everywhere you went you either had to jump or climb so naturally we filmed some cool Free Running sequences as a team for our video were currently editing for the 3RUNTUBE. All shall be revealed in the coming weeks when its online.

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Keep training hard,
Mike Wilson 3run

Creative Photoshoot – Mike Wilson of 3RUN Media Ltd

From the world famous Professional Free Running Media Team, Michael freshened up some of the photos currently in his portfolio by getting creative. So Mike met up with Paul Jones to get those creative shots including some free running elements to the pictures. Dont forget to follow Michael by hitting the Like & Follow buttons on his Social Networks Below:-

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Mike Wilson Professional Free Runner and Movement Specialist

Mike Wilson Professional Freerunner Reflection Photography


3RUN set out to make a video containing only but the best Freerunning and Parkour clips, featuring only their team members and world class ambassadors. This video contains some pretty crazy footage and amazing talent. The question is, how far will these guys push it? Check it out!

Mike Wilson


3RUN Evolution Academy Launches 23rd June 2013

3RUN have opened the first dedicated Parkour, Free Running and tricking gym run by the professionals at the top of the game. The 3RUN team will be there to introduce students to the beautiful arts of Parkour, Free Running and Tricking in a state of the art facility catering for every level. 3RUN aim to work on each end of the scale, safely introducing new comers to a positive way of life and a new sport, working from the bottom up. Yet on the other hand working closely with talented individuals to get them up to world class performing level. 3RUN classes aim to get its students through a graded system, very similar to earning your black belt in Karate, you will be able to get a black band in 3RUN.

3RUN Academy - Parkour & Free Running Classes
3RUN Academy

As well as running Parkour and Free Running classes, 3RUN have also pioneered a revolutionary fitness programme designed at getting its students in the best shape of their lives. The gym is something of the past, we always felt that lifting weights was a little mundane so we created a workout using the foundations of parkour and free running, all natural body weight exercises and came up with Street Fit

Contact us to come in for a introduction class


Mike Wilson


‘NEMESIS’ Roller Coaster Flips – Alton Towers Go Pro Mission


Here’s a video for all those people that want to know what its like to do flips and spins. Nemesis at Alton Towers gives you a little taster into what its like. Such a sick roller coaster at the UK’s Top Theme Park.

Mike Wilson


Free Running in Bangkok

Day 2:-

So Me, Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge all set out very early in the morning to begin shooting in one amazing location, which was perfect for the look we was after. Somewhere gritty, and very urban looking.

Being creative with our movement is something we all try to develop when finding new training areas. It’s such a great way to improve our thinking in the way we move over, under or through obstacles. We are almost training our minds to naturally move in creative ways, without thinking. It just happens. So finding these areas around Bangkok, was new and fresh for us to simply have fun and enjoy training in a completely new environment.

Today was also great to hit the Roofs where we took our Parkour / Free Running skills to another level, with big jumps, flips and general Flowing Movement. Such a good way to finish the 2nd days shoot.

Day 3:-

Today was gonna be a busy one as not only did we have to continue shooting, but we also needed to book the Cambodia trip. Sorting out accommodation, transport, visa’s and photos for the visas.

But nothing stops is for achieving our goals, so we organised the Cambodia trip during the hottest part of the day, and continued filming and training in the early afternoon when it was cooler.

These scenes were all about, what 3run call, “filler shots”, where we film specific shots that help connect all the main clips we filmed the previous days. These naturally develop into much more as we find ourselves, once again making a simple shot look even more amazing by adding bigger tricks and flowing movement.

This Parkour and Free Running video is shaping up nicely to become one of the greatest Free Running videos 3run has made. Stay tuned for more updates posted here or the 3run website – as and when videos get released.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson 3RUN
Bangkok Rooftops – Mike Wilson 3RUN

Adventure in Thailand

Thailand has always been a part of the world I’ve always wanted to explore, especially scouting different parts of Bangkok for Parkour & Free Running training spots. I’ve finally been given the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country to film an action video featuring what the 3RUN guys do best.

Day 1:-
With Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge, we all took to the streets to scout the best locations and filming spots, to really showcase our full potential in the filming and free running industry. We all got to find some amazing places with so much potential, and as normal began to snowball loads of ideas with different movements and tricks as well as next level filming shots.

We finished the day off, by getting a traditional Thai Massage to set our bodies up for the busy day of Free Running and Filming ahead of us.

Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes -
Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes –