GO PRO: Parkour POV – 3RUN Rooftop Missions

Me and Chris Lodge decided to scout some locations for rooftop missions which havent been seen before. Nothing is more exciting than to come across new routes to climb and wander, especially if your “not allowed to be up there”. I must stress at the point that we are professionals and should not be replicated by anyone without the knowledge and experience that we have. Our mindset was simple. To continue climbing and find new areas to walk across the rooftops of Basingstoke without the option of simply turning back because it was too difficult. That wasn’t going to happen. On a number of occasions we were seen by passers by shouting “look at those guys”. Scurrying across rooftops is definitely a passion as its the time when im most free. Its exciting to know that what were doing is dangerous, and extreme in some cases, but its that feeling of going to the point of the unknown. We never new how we were going to get down. We simply had to work it out using our Parkour skills and common sense. Anyway heres the video below.

Go Pro Parkour POV Missions

Free Running in Bangkok

Day 2:-

So Me, Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge all set out very early in the morning to begin shooting in one amazing location, which was perfect for the look we was after. Somewhere gritty, and very urban looking.

Being creative with our movement is something we all try to develop when finding new training areas. It’s such a great way to improve our thinking in the way we move over, under or through obstacles. We are almost training our minds to naturally move in creative ways, without thinking. It just happens. So finding these areas around Bangkok, was new and fresh for us to simply have fun and enjoy training in a completely new environment.

Today was also great to hit the Roofs where we took our Parkour / Free Running skills to another level, with big jumps, flips and general Flowing Movement. Such a good way to finish the 2nd days shoot.

Day 3:-

Today was gonna be a busy one as not only did we have to continue shooting, but we also needed to book the Cambodia trip. Sorting out accommodation, transport, visa’s and photos for the visas.

But nothing stops is for achieving our goals, so we organised the Cambodia trip during the hottest part of the day, and continued filming and training in the early afternoon when it was cooler.

These scenes were all about, what 3run call, “filler shots”, where we film specific shots that help connect all the main clips we filmed the previous days. These naturally develop into much more as we find ourselves, once again making a simple shot look even more amazing by adding bigger tricks and flowing movement.

This Parkour and Free Running video is shaping up nicely to become one of the greatest Free Running videos 3run has made. Stay tuned for more updates posted here or the 3run website – www.3run.co.uk as and when videos get released.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson 3RUN
Bangkok Rooftops – Mike Wilson 3RUN