‘Survive To Freerun’ Filming at Basingstoke 3RUN Academy

Editing is still going strong for Michael latest project Survive To Freerun, which was inspired by his son. Check out the latest post on Mike’s Facebook and keep updated with regular content. Shooting continues tonight this evening at the Basingstoke 3RUN Freerunning Academy.

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Survive To Freerun featuring Parkour, Freerunning and Creative Movement

Survive To Freerun

Mike is well underway in the production of his latest project. Based on creating special memories with the family, showcasing his skills throughout. The video will have a positive energy about it which is kind of the message it will portray. The importance of introducing positive energies into your daily routine is key to creating happy memories.


The release date is set to be confirmed but will be early in the new year. Stay connected by following my social media below.

Mike Wilson