Bangkok Dangerous – 3RUN Production

3RUN is proud to present the first episode of a 5 part series – Bangkok Dangerous. Filmed, Produced and Edited all by 3RUN Media Ltd, the guys – Chase Armitage, Mike Wilson, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge scouted every corner of Bangkok for locations to shoot the short film, and it was no easy task. But we did find some amazing spots which have featured in the final edit. Check out the video here….


Mike Wilson


N-Power Energy Giant Goes Parkour

Mike travelled up to Leeds along with 3RUN Athlete Sam Parham, to help shoot, choreograph and perform some high impact Free Running sequences for Energy Giant….N-Power.

Mike stunt doubled one of the General Managers, who will be giving a presentation at N-Powers Annual Event at the Doncaster Racecourse Grounds later this week.

The concept of the Corporate Film shows one of the General Managers receiving a phone call stating that he is in fact very late for the presentation, and has to Freerun his way through Leeds and Doncaster to the venue at the Racecourse.

The Short Film will be played Live to the thousands of employees, with the end shot being, the General Manager entering the stage to give his presentation.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson of 3RUN - Corporate Video For NPower
Professional Freerunner – Mike Wilson of 3RUN – Corporate Video For NPower

Parkour Temples in Cambodia

Today was an exciting day for Me, Chase Armitage, Chris Lodge and Adam Brashaw as we headed to see the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were excited for a few reasons really, one if which was to get some amazing pictures for each of our 3run profiles, as the temples offered such incredible scenery. We also decided to wear these perfect baggy Aladdin styled trousers and modified our new 3run Tees to fit the temple look.

Professional Freerunner - Mike Wilson 3RUN
Professional Freerunner – Mike Wilson 3RUN


We went back to Beng Maleah Temple for a 2nd day to shoot some epic Parkour and Free Running scenes, and because it was the final day in Cambodia, we trained and went harder than ever, to get those perfect cinematic shots for the video. Cambodia has truly been an amazing journey. Missioning a 2 hour trip on a Tuk Tuk each way to the Beautiful Temple. Experiencing such beautiful landscapes and inspiring scenery on our journey, with locals going about their daily lives, children playing and simply having fun with what they do. Just a simple wave from me to them brought such a big smile to there faces, which really made me appreciate my lifestyle so much more, and to feel humbled with all that I have.

Adventure in Thailand

Thailand has always been a part of the world I’ve always wanted to explore, especially scouting different parts of Bangkok for Parkour & Free Running training spots. I’ve finally been given the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country to film an action video featuring what the 3RUN guys do best.

Day 1:-
With Chase Armitage, Adam Brashaw and Chris Lodge, we all took to the streets to scout the best locations and filming spots, to really showcase our full potential in the filming and free running industry. We all got to find some amazing places with so much potential, and as normal began to snowball loads of ideas with different movements and tricks as well as next level filming shots.

We finished the day off, by getting a traditional Thai Massage to set our bodies up for the busy day of Free Running and Filming ahead of us.

Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes -
Professional Freerunning & Parkour Athletes –